Do your faculty members plan to go to Mars?

Faculty Grants

It is quite possible that they do not, but their research might. We can imagine many ways in which work in Sociology, Political Science, or Communication can be expanded to enrich the work of the Mars program, from resilient teams and organizations, to future political and civilian organizational compacts appropriate for future human habitats.
The Office of Research encourages conversations with the Aeronautical and Space Engineering and is ready to support them in many ways, including seed funding. If you think that you might have an interesting idea for collaborations, such as the ones encouraged by this call for proposals, let us know at

NASA-ROSES Mars 2020 Participating Scientist Program

This program element is for investigations in the Mars 2020 Participating Scientist Program (Mars 2020 PSP) to enhance the scientific return from the mission by broadening participation in the mission and augmenting the existing Mars 2020 science team to include new investigations that broaden and/or complement the funded Principal Investigator (PI)-led investigations, thus maximizing the contribution of Mars 2020 to the future exploration and scientific understanding of Mars. The second important goal of this opportunity is to increase the number of scientists supporting daily mission operations.

Deadlines: January 13 – NOI; March 12 – Proposal

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