Liberal Arts team awarded State Department grant to train Colombian Students in Science Communication


A Brian Lamb School of Communication team of researchers received a Colciencias/U.S. Department of State grant for their project Partnering for Prosocial Digital Campaigns: A Student Exchange and Faculty Collaboration. The 100,000 Strong in the Americas project lead by Dr. Matei and doctoral student Jessica Eise establishes an ongoing partnership between Universidad de La Sabana, Chía, Colombia, and Purdue University through a student and faculty exchange that focuses on co-developing and teaching a core set of skills and competencies in the creative industries. This is centered around hands-on engagement on a prosocial creative digital campaign. The 2019/2020 goals are to

(1) raise awareness of climate change impacts on Colombia’s coffee farmers in urban Colombian populations through empathy-building digital storytelling and

(2) to improve Colombian coffee farmers’ livelihoods under climate change through stronger urban/rural ties that promote integrated pro-environmental behavior.

The program extends across two semesters (fall/spring semesters), with Purdue students traveling to Colombia during the fall semester and La Sabana students traveling to the United States in the spring semester, where they will conduct a research-creation internship in the Brian Lamb School of Communication Boiler Communication Agency. 

The program is led in partnership with Universidad de La Sabana and from Purdue is led by Sorin Adam Matei (Co-PI), Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Education, College of Liberal Arts, Jessica Eise (Co-PI), Ross Fellow, Purdue Research Fellow and PhD Candidate, Brian Lamb School of Communication, Christi Eden (Collaborator), Adjunct Faculty Member, Firm Director of Boiler Communication, Brian Lamb School of Communication and Mackenzie Breneman (Collaborator), Graduate Research Assistant, Brian Lamb School of Communication.

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