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“Attitudes of the heart:” Scholl Lecture by Stephen Darwall


Thurs Oct 10, 3:30-5:00pm, SC 239
Purdue’s Department of Philosophy presents The Scholl Lecture
“Attitudes of the Heart” Stephen Darwall Yale University.
The annual Scholl Lecture in the Department of Philosophy supported by a generous gift from Thomas H. Scholl, who graduated from Purdue in 1970 with a degree in philosophy and went on to a highly distinguished career as an entrepreneur and investor in the high-tech industry.

Stephen Darwall is the Andrew Downey Orrick Professor of Philosophy at Yale University, and is the author of numerous books in metaethics and normative ethics, including The Second-Person Standpoint: Morality, Respect, and Accountability (Harvard 2009) and Honor, History, and Relationship: Essays in Second-Personal Ethics (Oxford 2013). Website:

About the lecture: Blame, resentment, and guilt are much discussed by philosophers as paradigm instances of what P. F. Strawson called “reactive attitudes.” Unlike other critical responses, these attitudes have a distinctive connection to holding others (and ourselves) answerable for complying with justified demands and expectations from a second-personal perspective of implicit address. But Strawson also gave various nondeontic examples, including love, gratitude, and “hurt feelings.” In this lecture, I consider what these nondeontic examples have in common and what makes them reactive attitudes. All reactive attitudes, I argue, implicitly call for reciprocation and/or respond to a prior call. But whereas the deontic cases involve expectation, the nondeontic cases are, or respond to, implicit invitations. Deontic reactive attitudes are “attitudes of the will” in that they are implicitly addressed will-to-will. By contrast, the nondeontic attitudes I shall discuss are addressed heart-to-heart; they are (second-personal) attitudes of the heart.

The talk is free and open to the public.

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