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Non-proliferation and Nuclear Weapons Use Prevention Grants

Faculty Grants

Researchers interested in international relations, political science, history, or communication are invited to consider these opportunities for funding in non-proliferation.

DOD-USAF Project on Advanced Systems and Concepts for Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction (PASCC) Call 004  With this call for papers, USAF INSS announces to academia, research institutions, and nonprofit organizations it is soliciting white paper for studies that will help enable the DoD and the USG to prepare for and combat WMD and improvised threats.  The white papers should propose rigorous, innovative projects that: 1. Facilitate critical engagement between U.S. and foreign subject-matter experts (SMEs) on key WMD, CWMD, or nuclear deterrence issues; 2. Address current and emerging challenges facing CCMDs and DoD; or 3. Expand knowledge or develop new concepts relevant to the national security missions and requirements of DoD and the Armed Services.  Deadlines:  January 23 – White paper; Proposal by invitation

Limited Submission (Check for details):

 DOS-ISN/CTR Countering Threats from Acquisition or Misuse of Emerging and Advanced Technologies for WMD and WMD-Related Delivery Systems  ISN/CTR seeks to identify and disrupt efforts by proliferator states to develop or advance WMD and WMD-related delivery capabilities through the acquisition or misuse of relevant advanced and emerging technologies.  Only one submission is allowed per institution. 

Internal Deadline:  November 25 

Sponsor Deadline:  January 31

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