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How does the brain work its magic (a partial response)

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Brain functions are the building blocks of consciousness. How can we make them visible or measure them? Dr. Kamil Ugurbil, one of the most famous MRI researchers and neuroscientists will explain how Neuroimaging can help understanding the brain on December 3 at Purdue. The event is organized by the School of Health Sciences and hosted by Dr. Uzay Emir.

Dr. Ugurbil’s talk won’t be overly technical; it is a broad introduction to what can be achieved today (and tomorrow) in neuroscience with ultrahigh field imaging.

In this context, if you are interested in cognitive research, please also reach out to the Neurohumanities initiative led by our colleagues in SLC. Points of contact, Jenn William, or Paula Leverage, You should also know that Purdue has its own MRI research facility. For details, contact Dr. Dydak at the Life Sciences MRI facility.

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