Graduate student and faculty funding for research on families and small local groups

CLA-ALL Grants

The Center for Families recently announced its annual funding opportunities available to all students and faculty on campus. As you can see from diversity of the list of previously-funded projects below, the interests of your faculty and students are very relevant! Often students (especially) do not apply because they think they have no chance of being funded – this is not at all the case. Also, we know that faculty with start-up or other funds sometimes aren’t sure whether to apply for funds like these, but we know from experience that Center for Families funding has on multiple occasions been the first funding competitively awarded as part of a new research initiative or a new career.

You are invited to consider all these opportunities:

This year we are offering a $10,000 faculty fellowship, as well as two research enhancement grants of $500 to faculty to support undergraduate students’ involvement in research.
For students we are offering the following opportunities:

Student and faculty from across campus have been funded. Past applications have been from PolSci, HTM, COMM, NUTR, Youth Development & Ag Education, Engineering Education, I/O, and Anthropology, just to highlight a few.

Examples of previously funded research include (by faculty or students):

  • A Real-Time Sociological Study of How Organizations Apply New Laws
  • Parents’ Early Socialization through Organized Youth Sport
  • Evaluating the Effect of SNAP-Ed on Household Food Security Status and Nutrient Intake of SNAP Eligible Participants in Indiana
  • Sleep and Daytime Behaviors in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder * Gender Variant Children and Their Families
  • Bridging the Gap: Examining Indiana Legislators’ Uses of Research and the Family Impact Lens in Policymaking
  • Walking for our health: A Couple-Focused Approach to Promote Physical Activity

This message was posted by Dr. Shelley M. MacDermid Wadsworth, Professor, Human Development and Family Studies, Please contact her for details.

For annual lists of the best science on work-family relationships, go to ‘nominations’ at the Kanter Award website:

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