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On behalf of its Director Dr. Sorin Matei, CLA’s FORCES Initiative is pleased to invite your cadets and midshipmen (and cadre and staff) to the inaugural event of Guest Speakers Series (see link below). In peace and war Mr. Richard Samuels, Col. USAF (Ret), commanded at the senior-officer level and logged more than 3,600 flying hours. He currently chairs the Grand Strategy Seminar at the Air War College. His remarks will center on his Joint Staff experiences as DoD liaison to the National Security Council. Representing the Pentagon, during the George W. Bush administration he had almost daily interactions with the White House staff.

His presentation will be at 2PM on 4 February in Honors Hall, HCRN 1066. He has time on 5 February if you would like him to visit one of your classes to go further into the sausage making known as national strategy.

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Operations Officer, Purdue University

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