2019-2020 Graduate School Excellence in Teaching Award

Faculty Grants

The College of Liberal Arts is accepting nominations for the 2019-2020 Graduate School Excellence in Teaching Award. One person can be nominated by each department. Nominations should be submitted via InfoReady at the folowing URL:


The Nomination Cover Sheet, eligibility, and application requirements, as well as past recipients of the Graduate School Excellence in Teaching Award, may be found at the following URL:


Deadline: March 1st. Questions or concerns can be directed to Mike Hicks, CLA Grants Coordinator, at mahicks@purdue.edu.

The three nominees chosen to receive the award will receive recognition and $1,000 at the Graduate School’s Awards Banquet scheduled for Tuesday, May 5, 2020.  

NOTE: The award program is being conducted independently from other Teaching Academy awards and the Center for Instructional Excellence.  It is not a requirement that eligibility is limited to graduate students who have received the Teaching Academy’s Graduate Teaching Award.

The CLA nominee will compete against other Purdue nominees. The final award will be made by the Graduate School. For more information, please contact Tom Atkinson tatkinson@purdue.edu.

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