Purdue 2020 Fullbright U.S.Week

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Purdue’s Fulbright Week will start you on your way to applying for the Fulbright U.S. Student Program. Fulbright U.S. Student Grants offer a fully funded post-baccalaureate year to study, research, or teach abroad. The details about the four days of events can be found on the Fulbright Week page where you will find the full schedule, session descriptions, and a digital flyer to download from the left sidebar. You will also find RSVP links and a WebEx address for students off campus to remote into the session down in the 2 poster files attached.

If you are off-campus, RSVP for the sessions(s) per usual and attend remotely at https://purdue.webex.com/join/vaschirm. Click the link a few mintues prior to the session start time.

A special Fulbright information session for graduate students is held on Wednesday, 2/12 at 6:30pm.

The faculty session is on Tuesday 2/11 in HCRS 1066 at 3:00pm.

There has been some reluctance on the part of the graduate student community to join Fulbright programs, mostly induced by questions of program continuity, purpose, and payoff. Here are some reasons why a graduate student SHOULD apply for a Fulbright.

  • Fulbright U.S. Student Program is the US’s premier program for international research, teaching, and cultural exchange. Its reputation is for funding the best of US scholars.
  • This is a grant, not a scholarship; no glorified study abroad experience. It’s living in one of over 140 countries to conduct research in your field, earn an advanced degree, or teach English.
  • Nationally, approx. 50% of recipients are graduate students applying during their Master’s or PhD program.
  • Fulbrighters particiate in this program before they have a terminal degree when on the Fulbright.
  • Fulbrighters are independent and creative, and excited to go to their prospective host country.
  • The grant is for one academic year.
  • Purdue’s Graduate School puts your grad school funding on “pause” during your Fulbright year.
  • The Fulbright U.S. Student Program is for U.S. citizens. International students apply through their countries of origin.
  • Fulbrighters are coveted in academia and industry. It sets you apart from the rest.

For details contact 
Rosanne Altstatt, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean
National and International Scholarships Office
Honors College – Purdue University
1101 Third Street / HCRS, Room 1057
T: 6-1303
Email: altstatt@purdue.edu
Twitter: @purdueNISO

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