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CLA’s FORCES Initiative ( is looking for volunteers to attend the National Strategy Seminar hosted by the USAF Air War College at Maxwell AFB, Montgomery, AL during Spring Break next month. FORCES will cover travel and associated costs up to $750.

Monday and Friday (16th and 20th March) are travel days, while the event, a table-top exercise simulating a global strategy crisis, runs Tuesday-Thursday. You will team up with peers from other universities plus Air War College students (colonels from all branches of the US military and foreign nations). Together you will break down into small groups as US strategists to solve problems in a deteriorating and escalating scenario. There are some read-ahead materials, but the exercise has a fairly “gentlemanly” 8:30-4 schedule, complete with after-hours socializing and team building opportunities.

Graduate Students interested in security studies, international relations, strategy, politics, decision making and related topics can contact CLA Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies and FORCES Director, Dr. Sorin Matei (, or FORCES Operations Officer, Dr. Robert Kirchubel ( We are sure that you will find this a challenging and rewarding exercise.

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