Travel Reimbursement Affected by the Coronavirus Epidemic

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Updated March 12, 12 PM

Many of you have had to – or will – cancel travel plans, but have already bought tickets or made car or hotel reservations, sometimes by paying in advance and expecting to get reimbursed from internal or external grants. The university has provided some instructions as to how to handle travel that was supposed to be paid from extramural grants.

Those instructions do not specify in great detail and directly what happens to faculty and graduate students that were planning to use internal grants. Here is how we will handle this for CLA-awarded grants.

First, everybody should try to get the best possible cancellation deal from the travel agency, airline, travel booking site, etc. If you are a recipient of an ASPIRE, PROMISE, Enhancing Humanities, Exploratory Research, Global Synergy Grant, et cetera, you can then ask to be reimbursed for the amount that you spent but that was not returned by the travel provider.

If you decide not to use your Promise or Aspire awards for an imminent trip, you may use it for a later trip, provided that it ends before July 1st, 2020 and that you explicitly ask for permission by sending us an email with a description of the new event and the travel budget.

Please make sure that any request for reimbursement is done through Concur and that you provide the necessary information, including receipts and proof of payment, together with a brief explanation as to why you had to cancel (country was on the CDC list or event was canceled, et cetera).

Finally, Purdue University announced that all non-essential travel, by air or other means, is suspended until further notice. For details, please check out President Daniels’ announcement about the current travel and educational policies at Purdue.

If you have general CLA travel reimbursement policy questions, please send them to Mike Hicks, CLA Grants Coordinator. All matters related to Concur, actual reimbursement schedule, and so on should go to your departmental business officers. Questions related to Study Abroad travel should go to Joel Ebarb or William Sartore.

Disclaimer: This page may be updated as we move forward. Please bookmark and check back frequently!

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