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Purdue University has decided to continue its research activities, including (given certain cautions) those with human subjects. The basic information regarding this decision can be found in:

Most of the concerns related to research and graduate education are defined in these documents. For other, research- and non-research-related issues, please refer to the general Purdue COVID19 policies and to President Daniels’ announcement of moving courses online and continuing staff and research work.

To summarize the research and graduate education relevant documents in a few words, our research will continue while graduate education will be conducted online as follows:


Research activities will continue with major adjustments. Graduate research assistants are expected to work with their project directors to ensure the continuity of work. Researchers who employ graduate students should ensure proper work conditions, including accommodation for social distancing, telework, as well as adequate accommodations for vulnerable populations or workers. Research-related travel is suspended. Some exceptions might be made, but only for essential activities. As of March 16, all face-to-face human subjects research is suspended by the IRB as described on its own website. More information about human subjects research can also be found in the section “Research” on the Purdue COVID-19 webpage.

Graduate Education

Graduate classes will take place online. Thesis and defense activities can also be conducted online. Graduate teaching assistants are expected to work with their course directors or – if teaching stand-alone classes – to adapt to the requirements for delivering undergraduate education online. The information provided by the Graduate School should be the guide for future graduate education activities.

If you have any questions about graduate education or research, please address them to the CLA Office of Research and Graduate Education at the following email: cla-adr@purdue.edu.