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COVID-19 Grant Opportunity: Protect Purdue Innovations Faculty Grants

CLA-ALL Faculty Grants


The Offices of the Provost, Executive Vice-President for Research and Partnerships (EVPRP), and Treasurer seek innovative research proposals for short-term, focused research projects under the general theme: COVID-19-related research with direct impact on a university community. The intent is to engage Purdue faculty in addressing important scientific questions related to COVID-19 with a specific emphasis on addressing knowledge gaps that will allow us to better “Protect Purdue” from the novel coronavirus. 

Successful projects will be completed in 90 days and have direct impact to a university setting like Purdue. Student involvement in projects is strongly encouraged. 

All disciplines are encouraged to apply. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following: 

• Novel diagnostic and testing technologies or strategies 

• Behavioral change 

• Public health 

• Mental health 

• Surveillance monitoring 

• Informatics 

• Indoor and outdoor environmental analysis 


• Release RFP July 1, 2020 

• Proposals due to your Associate Dean for Research by August 14, 2020 

• ADRs submit proposals to EVPRPs office by August 28, 2020 

• Funded proposals selected and announced September 11, 2020 

• Funding begins September 18, 2020 

• Preliminary Findings Report due January 15, 2021 


Eligibility is limited to West Lafayette faculty (tenure-track, clinical/professors of practice, and research faculty). Use of funds is limited to the Purdue University West Lafayette campus, but collaborators or advisors need not hold a position at Purdue, and academic collaborators can be of any rank. 

Review Process 

An Internal Selection Committee will review and select the most meritorious proposals for funding. The internal selection committee will be appointed jointly by the Provost and EVPRP. Priority will be given to projects that have a high potential to be completed in 90 days or less and have clear relevance to Purdue’s response to COVID-19. 

Review Criteria 

• Direct impact on a university community in addressing knowledge gaps that will allow us to better “Protect Purdue” from the novel coronavirus 

• Clear relevance to Purdue’s response to COVID-19 

• High feasibility to be completed in 90 days or less 

• Significance of problem to be addressed 

• Significance of benefits anticipated from the results 

• Likelihood of follow-on funding in the form of external support 

Proposal Submission Procedures 

Proposals must be submitted to your respective Associate Dean for Research by August 14, 2020 via InfoReady.

Proposals that are cross-college collaborations will submit through the PI serving as the primary point of contact. A maximum of six ranked proposals may be submitted by the Associate Deans for Research to the Office of the Executive Vice President for Research and Partnerships by 5:00 pm on August 28, 2020. 

Budget: Maximum request is $20,000 from university resources. Additional resources in the form of cost share from the colleges is allowed but not required. Cost share is optional and not part of the review criteria. 

Guidelines for preparation of the body of the Proposal: 

• Not to exceed two (2) pages in length, including figures or tables 

• Use lay scientific language throughout. Ensure the proposal’s significance and impact are clear to reviewers from outside your discipline. 

• Single-spaced 

• One inch margins on all sides 

• Font: Arial 11 

Proposal Format 

  • Scientific Proposal: o Specific Aim(s) 
  • Significance 
  • Research Plan (can include preliminary data) 
  • Future Directions, including plans for future grant applications 

In addition, the following are required, but not included in the 2-page limit: 

  • Title Page 
  • Title 
  • Principal Investigator(s) with Purdue department and college listed. 
  • Project Summary (2-3 sentences). Clearly identify the problem, describe the general approach and the benefits anticipated from the results. 
  • Salary and Wages (faculty salary not allowed) 
  • Supplies and Expenses 
  • Capital Equipment (not encouraged) 
  • Total cost-share, if applicable, and source(s) of the funds 
  • References 
  • Standard NIH or NSF-style Biosketch, including completed and current support for the PI and Co-PIs 
  • Team structure (1 page) briefly presenting the expertise of all team members with respect to the aims of the proposal and the responsibilities they have to execute of the project 
  • Outline budget and brief justification (do not involve pre-award services) 

Reporting Requirements 

A report of findings is due by January 15, 2021 and should be submitted electronically to ( 

The report should be single-spaced, not exceed two pages, use one-inch margins, and Arial 11 font size. No-Cost Extensions will not be approved. Any unused funds will be returned to the university. 

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