IRB Policies Facilitate Human Subjects Research After COVID-19 Interruption

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The Purdue Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) has updated its guidance to reflect the University’s phased return to research operations process as outlined by the Executive Vice President for Research and Partnerships (EVPRP). The phased ramp-up includes the gradual reopening of research spaces.

Recently, guidelines were issued for off-campus research and personal protective equipment (PPE) used in research. Purdue researchers are advised to review the latest information about research operations posted on the Purdue COVID-19 research website.

For researchers seeking to resume face-to-face data collection Principal Investigators must submit a modification in Cayuse IRB for each previously approved protocol. Your modification must include:

For research conducted on-campus

Include the EVPRP-approved COVID-19 Research

Space SOP if Purdue University research space is included. Do not submit a modification until the Research Space SOP is approved;

For research conducted off-campus

Human subjects research that cannot be conducted virtually or on-campus under a COVID-19 Research Space SOP (such as field research) must ensure that the practices outlined in the EVPRP Guidance for Of Campus Research Activities in the Continental U.S. are followed (available here). The Principal Investigator (PI) of the study is responsible for implementing procedures for all personnel.

Researchers are asked to certify their understanding through a modification to the protocol in the Cayuse IRB system. Updated permission letters or e-mails from participating off-campus research sites (e.g., businesses, schools) may be necessary.

For all human-subjects research

Any study changes, including those that will be enacted to protect participants and researchers from the spread of COVID-19 and a description of mitigation procedures to be employed

Complete details can be found on the Purdue IRB site