First Edition of InnovateEd, A Magazine for Graduate Student Professional Development


The Graduate School recently launched the inaugural issue of its InnovateEd magazine, which focuses on graduate research professional development. You can view it at the following URL:

From the announcement: “This unique outlet allows students to present their research to a wide audience who may not have expertise in their research area. Graduate students are excellent at writing scientific papers to present to researchers in their disciplines. However, they don’t get many opportunities to present their research to the public. InnovateEd provides them this opportunity. We could not be more excited about sharing the research stories of… our graduate students. We made a call last spring to solicit submissions, and we had many.”

The articles that appear in the inaugural edition were competitively chosen. The stories span colleges from Engineering to Liberal Arts, and cover topics ranging from the impact of global warming on coffee farmers to regulating the usage of drones. The Graduate School plans to deliver InnovateEd each semester to email inboxes, and the archives will be posted on the Graduate School webpage.

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