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The Center for C-SPAN Scholarship & Engagement (CCSE) is holding its 7th annual research conference between October 19-20. The All-Virtual conference will include 17 authors presenting 12 papers. This year’s theme is Democracy and the Media.

Edited papers will be published in the Year in C-SPAN Archives Research, Volume 7 by the Purdue University Press.

One panel will be organized around the topic of big data analysis which could be textual, video, or data analysis using the C-SPAN Archives. For this panel, participants are encouraged to use the newly developed Archives API that enables the retrieval from the C-SPAN Video Library. The API exports appearances with video references and captioning text into a CSV file for subsequent analysis based on people, keyword, date, and format selection.
The conference will also feature a session with C-SPAN Founder Brian Lamb and a luncheon address by Purdue History Associate Professor Kathryn Cramer Brownell on her upcoming book on the history of cable television.

The CCSE was created in 2017 as an initiative of the Brian Lamb School of Communication to encourage research and teaching using the C-SPAN Video Library. The C-SPAN Video Library contains more than 260,000 digital, indexed hours of video that forms the basis for the research featured at the conference. In addition to this conference, each year the CCSE sponsors an undergraduate research competition, a conversation with Brian Lamb and a national guest, and a Washington, DC Maymester for Purdue students.

For more information about the conference, contact Professor Robert X. Browning, Faculty Director, Center for C-SPAN Scholarship & Engagement, rxb@purdue.edu, 765-494-4178. For more information about the CCSE, contact Connie Doebele, Managing Director, cdoebele@purdue.edu, 765-496-1706.

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