Purdue Writing Lab to Host English Conversation Groups February 8 to April 30, 2021

CLA-ALL Faculty Grad

English Conversation Groups are a great opportunity for Purdue University students or scholars whose first language is not English. The Writing Lab’s conversation groups are a terrific way to improve English fluency. The conversation groups are also a great way to meet other Purdue community members, share perspectives and experiences, and learn more about other cultures. 

Purdue Writing Lab English Conversation Group

Each week, the conversation groups will focus on a different topic. Discussions include these topics with fellow internationals and a Writing Lab consultant who can help with English vocabulary and expressions. The goal of the conversation groups is that you learn to speak more comfortably about topics that are important to you. 

Sign-up is available via the Writing Lab’s online scheduler: http://cla.purdue.edu/wlschedule

(Use the drop-down menu for Group Programs.)

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