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Purdue FORCES Report suggests undersea telecommunication cables can be a new strategic chokepoint

Undersea cables are vital components of the global economy and international security.  97% of global communications are transmitted by these cables and are part of an estimated 212 cable systems containing 750,000 miles of fiber.

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FORCES Report on Competition and Conflict in current and future American Foreign Policy

The FORCES white paper / report A Twenty-First-Century Strategy to Counter Russia, China, and Iran published by the National Interest proposes a new approach to American foreign policy, which provides the flexibility needed to handle two major international conflicts at the same time. We propose “

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2021 FORCES Team Strategic Priorities Report: Anticipating Biden’s Strategy and Security Policy

The year 2021 comes in the US with a new presidential administration confronted by critical strategic challenges, political turmoil, and high expectations. The FORCES team of social science, STEM, and military experts summarizes in this report the leading functional, geographic, and political-military issues confronting the Biden administration.

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